our philosophy

Deroni's philosophy is to produce naturally delicious products that bring joy to our beloved consumers. We can achieve this noble goal only by using healthy and tasty vegetables for our production. That’s why we created Deroni Gardens. Deroni Gardens are located in the sunny Upper Thracian valley. They are near you for already 19 years. Everyone can visit and see them. We grow our own seedlings in our plant for production of seedlings. The sowing and hoeing of the plants is done by satellite control.

To grow healthy and tasty vegetables, we apply a new, innovative, revolutionary method. First we heal the land by sowing certain types of green covering plants. The task of these plants is to clear the ground of weeds, pathogens and to enrich it with bio green mass.

We have drained all the fields, located on an area of 3.15 million m2, which means that in heavy rains, the water immediately drains and does not stay on the surface. This is how we keep the earth healthy and fertile without the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

In the summer we are watering with clear filtered water to make sure that we grow true natural vegetables. The already healthy and fertile land rewards us with a rich harvest of full-bodied and tasty vegetables - a variety of red and green peppers, tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, aubergines and gherkins, necessary for our production.
we have built a hail protection system with two anti-hail cannons
In the summer and autumn we collect the ripe vegetables - 60/70 tons per day and hours after that, we process them in the factories of Deroni. We have provided the most important thing for a production - raw materials, ie. vegetables from the Gardens of Deroni. We have built 3 production factories, equipped with 14 technological lines for the production of various product groups.
most of the technological processes are robotic
We created Deroni's liutenitsa and ajvar using technology that reproduces the home production of liutenitsa and ajvar.  Each Deroni factory is equipped with a modern laboratory, in which continuous control and complete recording of each production process is carried out. The three factories are certified according to all necessary European standards, and international audits are constantly performed. Teams of food technologists and specialists with long years of experience take care to produce products with set quality, without preservatives. The end result are naturally delicious products for our loyal and beloved consumers.