our gardens


our greenhouses

Professional and quality selection of the right variety vegetable seeds is essential to realize growing of vegetables most appropriate in size, taste and characteristics for each product that we produce.
full development of vegetable plants
Professional planting of vegetable seeds in special trays provides their complete development. The process of germination of vegetable seeds is developed at a constant temperature in a built for that purpose germination chamber. To achieve high quality production we have built our own greenhouses where we grow different vegetables - peppers, tomatoes, aubergines, with an implemented software system to monitor the humidity, temperature and water. Under permanent care of a team of professional agronomists are grown various vegetable seedlings.

vegetable fields

Deroni Gardens are located on 3.15 million square meters drip irrigated area, located in the Upper Thracian Valley, in the foothills of southern Bulgaria. In springtime in April and May we plant each of the 8 million vegetable plants in the Gardens of Deroni. Planting is done by specialized machines that provide quality and a fruitful planting of vegetable plants.
gardens of Deroni grow healthy vegetables
Gardens of Deroni are divided into vegetable fields. Each of our field is proud of its history - archival card (file), which reflects all relevant data and indicators of soil and vegetables grown on it. Each spring, we perform a complete and thorough analysis of the incoming data - qualitative and structural indicators of soil. On the basis of analyzed nutrients contained in the soil, we prepare a plan for the cultivation of each type of vegetable.
irrigation with clear water
The vegetable fields are equipped with pre-built irrigation system - pumping station and drip irrigation, which helps to maintain regular humidity of plants. Water is taken from the dam Koprinka through built pumping station, purified and filtered before being fed to the plants. Caring for the soil and plant development are monitored and are under permanent control of four qualified agronomists.
The final result is a completely closed production process allows growing healthy and delicious vegetables. We are pleased to give you good health and delicious vegetable foods produced in Deroni factories with vegetables from Deroni Gardens!